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2024 Camp Perry Open

Competition Date: June 1-2 2024

Competition Venue: Camp Perry CMP Shooting Center, Ohio USA

A total of 22 Canadians participated in the Camp Perry Open competition held in Ohio, USA, achieving impressive results. On the first day, the Super Finals for both air rifle and air pistol were held, with 38 participants in each. Lydia Meng won first place in the 60 shots air rifle competition, while Kozic Igor won the gold medal and Zack Wang secured the silver medal in the 60 shots air pistol competition.

On the second day, in the air rifle finals, Lydia Meng entered the finals ranked fifth with scores of 625.1 in relay 1 and 624 in relay 2, but she did not win a medal due to a poor performance in the final, feeling nervous as she faced seven male professional athletes from the US Army Marksman Unit alone. In the air pistol finals on the same day, five Canadian team members made it to the finals, finishing second (Esercitato Michele), third (Purba Aakashdeep), fifth (Kozic Igor), sixth (Zack Wang), and eighth (Kornic Dragana). Ultimately, Purba Aakashdeep from Manitoba won the championship, and Kozic Igor from Ontario won the silver medal.

In the Junior air pistol competition, Zack Wang from BC won the Overall Junior first place. In the Pistol Intermediate Junior category, Mo Zhou from BC won the gold medal. In the Pistol Sub Junior category, Henry Sun from BC won the gold medal. In the Rifle Intermediate Junior category, Emily Yang from Ontario won the gold medal. In the Junior air rifle team competition, the 177 Club team, consisting of Lydia Meng, Emily Yang, and Annie Liu, won the silver medal. In the pistol team competition, the 2 Canucks 1 Fed team, consisting of Esercitato Michele, Burns Stuart, and Gens Sam, won the gold medal. The Flying Squirrels team, consisting of Kozic Igor, Kornic Dragana, and Katz Bob, won the team silver medal.

The performance of the 177 Club team members is as follows:

  • 10 meters air rifle super final first place: Lydia Xiaobu Meng

  • 10 meters air pistol super final second place: Zack Hejia Wang

  • 10 meters air pistol overall junior gold medal: Zack Hejia Wang

  • 10 meters air pistol Intermediate Junior gold medal: Mo Zhou

  • 10 meters air pistol Sub Junior gold medal: Henry Xihan Sun

  • 10 meters air rifle Junior team silver medal: Lydia Xiaobu Meng, Annie Lifeng Liu, and Emily Yang


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