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About Us

Red Dot Sports Academy (177 Club) is located on Mitchell Island, between Vancouver and Richmond. It is an educational service institution dedicated to shooting sports training and is committed to preparing outstanding club members for the North American study abroad programs with a sports specialty.

Shooting is not only a traditional Olympic event but also one of the 24 sports in the NCAA North American college sports league. The 177 Club, based in Vancouver, provides comprehensive competition arrangements, complete match records, and world-class training systems for its members, covering services such as assistance in applying to North American high schools and universities. Our coaches blend teaching methods from India, China, and Germany, effectively helping students at all levels rapidly improve their performance and possess experience in international competitions.

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Our Training Programs

10 Meters Air Pistol

10 Meters Air Rifle

25 Meters Pistol

Rapid Fire Pistol

Standard Pistol

Center Fire Pistol

50 Meters Free Pistol

50 Meters Rifle Prone

50 Meters Rifle 3 Position

177 Club Logo

177 Club's philosophy aims not only to develop focus, willpower, and mental resilience through shooting sports but also to enhance the international competitiveness of its club members. To achieve this, we integrate various aspects of competition information, techniques, and coaching, design a series of courses to help members develop comprehensive qualities, and enhance their athletic talents in a short period.


Club members of all age groups can find assistance in 177 Club's comprehensive shooting training, including personalized psychological support, pre-competition training camps, online courses, and school recommendations. 177 Club simplifies the process through a one-stop approach, providing its club members with the most accurate information.

The club has indoor facilities that meet international competition standards, the world's most advanced German low-age children's laser shooting system, and shooting equipment from various top Olympic-grade brands to meet the diverse competition needs of club members of different age groups. We standardize and simplify sports training, bringing true sports technology to our members. Club services include renting and selling shooting laser equipment, arranging member competitions, youth shooting summer camps, and assistance with school application documents. We are the exclusive provider of German low-age shooting training laser systems in North America, providing professional teaching and offering maximum support to members aiming to enter their ideal schools.

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